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Making Your List & Checking It Twice

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Ahhh, the proverbial list. A list of lists, even. It’s fun isn’t it? Well, actually, if you’re using a list correctly, you can hammer through that list faster than Thor's Mjölnir through a glasshouse. Mmmm, Thor. Oh, sorry… The key? Prioritization.

The things that need to be done tend to hover like hungry birds. Lets feed those guys and watch 'em disappear, shall we?

A list of everything you “have to do” and a list of things you “really have to do” are very different. Take Santa, for instance. The best and most widely known proponent of the list. That sucker can deliver toys to kids all over the world. In ONE night. One. Yeah there’s time zones and that sick sled and reindeer but still. Pretty impressive.

Wanna know how he does it? He prioritizes. Good kids, receiving live gifts such as puppies and kittens, come first on the block. Then he works his way down from there. By the time he gets to the naughty kids and their coal? He’s just allocating elves to John Elway those things into the stockings (delegating!) and boom, off he goes. Prioritizing for the win.


Creation, Prioritization, and Execution!

Create the List

To start, create your list. There’s a literal ton of apps for lists these days but honestly, a great little notebook works just as well, too. And there’s something really invigorating about crossing things off the list. But pick your poison.