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Why People "Really" Don't Want Your What You're Offering

Updated: Mar 2

So, you had this great idea, bought the materials, employed the right people, it all looks great on paper... but NO ONE, save your grandmother and your creepy neighbor three doors down, have bought your product.

How can that be? It's an amazing idea and will help a ton of people make their life easier!

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Wellllll..... perhaps it's not as great as you think, but if it IS that good then you probably have a serious marketing issue. Either way, you should investigate what is causing the lack of sales.

Let's look at three really obvious reasons why people don't want your product or service:


1. They Simply Haven't Heard About Your Product

Visibility is vital for a new business to succeed. And if nobody has even heard of your product, then how do you expect them to purchase it?

I know, it sounds basic and silly, but you would be surprised how many small businesses fall into this trap. In fact, it is one of the most common type of case studies in business schools. They typical is that the business owners assume that because they believe in their product that it would "of course" sell like hot cakes.

No matter what route you take - word of mouth, pay-per-click, social media blasting, or even cold-calling - you've got to make sure you're outreach is performing optimally.

It is extremely important that you do regular reviews of your marketing efforts and ensure they are producing a positive ROI. If one type of marketing isn't measuring up, try implementing another or switching it up. If your target market is Senior Citizens, chances are they aren't on Instagram... see where I'm going with this?

The most likely reason your product is not selling as much as you would like is your marketing is just not up to par. If marketing just isn't your strong suit you might want to consider subbing it out. It's too critical of an item to do half assed.

We, obviously, recommend that you bring a business coach on board. They can usually work efficiently to diagnose your marketing issues. Plus, most business coaches offer specific coaching on marketing. You can see an example of by checking out our own marketing coaching.