Why people don't want your product (or service)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

So, you had this great idea, bought the materials, employed the right people, it all looks great on paper... but NO ONE, save your grandmother and your creepy neighbor three doors down, have bought your product. How can that be? It's an amazing idea and will help a ton of people make their life easier! Well, perhaps it's not that great, but even more so you probably have a serious marketing issue.

Let's look at three really obvious reasons why people don't want your product (or services):


1. They haven't heard about it

Visibility is vital for a new business to succeed. No matter what route you decide to take- word of mouth, pay-per-click, social media blasting, or even cold-calling- you've got to make sure you're performing optimally.

If one type of marketing isn't measuring up, try implementing another or switching it up. If your target market is Senior Citizens, chances are they aren't on Instagram... see where I'm going with this?

2. They don't understand it

Make it easier for people to understand what your product is about.

Okay, so they've seen it, but they're still not buying it- it could be because they don't understand what the product actually is.

Just the other day I had a conversation with someone where I sent her an email, on behalf of another business, with all sorts of information and links about their product, but when I called her, she had no idea what the company did or was trying to sell to her. In my head, I was like- "did you even read the email, because it's pretty self-explanatory," but in actuality I ended up asking her questions to see where she might not understand and related the product to what she did.

You may be thinking- these people are so dumb, don't they understand they need this product! It's not that people are stupid, it's that they value, remember, and buy things they relate to. To combat this, try positioning your product or service to something more relatable.

3. Maybe your idea really does suck

Well... there is the off chance that your really great, amazing, fantastic idea is actually really bad. Not all hope it lost, though! Try revamping your idea, a slight change in perspective can make all the difference. Considering targeting different markets or providing support tools or materials for free that make it sell better.

Take the example of selling ice cream in the winter... In the summer, ice cream sells like hotcakes (ironic, huh), but in the winter we've got to switch it up! Check out what Ben & Jerry's does when winter comes in Vermont.

Girl helping a boy back up after falling down
Never let setbacks in life or business hold you down

Overall, if your product (or service) isn't selling like you think it should, you might want to consider getting a second set of eyes on your marketing plan... you have a marketing plan right?

Hiring a business consultant, like Out of the Box Advisors, who specialize in these types of issues would be a smart and simple way to make sure you're doing all you can for your business. Also, be sure to check out our latest post: Questions to ask your business advisor, to make sure their values align with your business goals.

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