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Charitable Giving

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Last week, we shared a gift guide for the entrepreneurs in your life (or for you entrepreneurs to share with your friends and family); however, this week, we're talking about giving on a whole other level- charitable giving!

A charitable donation is a gift made by an individual or business to a nonprofit organization, charity, or private foundation. These donations can range from cash to clothing or even services. It's the ultimate way to give to those in need the most.

There are so many benefits from giving charitably, including financial and emotional benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consider giving back:

The financial benefits

These may be obvious, but some people might not think about these things in the midst of running a business, especially during the holiday seasons. When you give charitably, you may possibly be able to get an overall tax deduction. Check out this article Credit Karma posted, it's a great summary of how to make your donations count.

You can feel good about it

Yep, there are emotional ties to giving back including:

  • Lower levels of stress

  • Greater self-esteem

  • Better physical health

  • Increased happiness

Overall, giving to a cause you believe in makes you feel like you're apart of something bigger than yourself. It can also foster social connections, especially if you give your time by volunteering or providing services to a cause in need, which brings us to our next benefit...

Learn new skills

Giving back to charities not only includes cash donations, but it can also mean volunteering your time and energies. This can prompt making new connections and honing new skills. These skills could even inspire or help in your own business.

Spreading kindness

If you have children in your life, teaching them about charitable donations and volunteerism is a great way to instill a sense of kindness in the future generations. Fostering generosity and social responsibility is a huge benefit that spans over time.

You're making a difference

Possibly the most important benefit of charitable giving is the difference you're making. Nonprofit organizations make a difference in the lives of countless people in their communities, including small business owners, universities and schools, shelters, animals. The economic impact of your giving is immeasurable.

Overall, the holiday season brings a sense of giving to everyone, but it shouldn't be forgot once the new year rolls around. Sit down with your team, your family or yourself and make a plan for next year that includes making charitable giving or volunteerism part of your business. If you need help picking a charity, check out some of my favorites below (these are based in Jacksonville, Florida, but there are similar organizations throughout the country)! Be sure to chose a cause that speaks to you personal or chose one that reflects the nature of your business!

Causes close to me

Animals are a HUGE part of my life, especially my rescue cat, George! While he wasn't rescued from this particular shelter, the humane society does so much for the cats and dogs in the area, protecting those fragile creatures and giving them a chance at life.

No one likes a dirty beach, and that's why I love spending a few hours volunteering with this particular organization. They host several beach cleanups throughout the year and it's always a fun ordeal. Small, local businesses will bring muffins, donuts or donate prizes for the raffle that have the end.

Consider donating to your school! Our schools and university programs do so much for the students and the communities around them. They are a perfect way to give back. Just think about how many future business owners, managers, artists, doctors, scientists, lawyers, the list goes on... that you're impacting!

Also, consider becoming a Patreon of someone or an organization. I'm a Patreon for Charlie's Army- it's a monthly donation, supporting a cause I believe in.

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