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5 Secrets to Boosting Productivity

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

How many of you find it hard to stay productive throughout the week? As small business owners it is never a lack of things to do, yet you still find yourself blankly staring at wall. This irony of having so much to do, but struggling to actually do anything is extremely common.

Two climbers going over a rock.

If this sounds like you, keep reading to discover some of the easiest tricks to busting through that productivity wall and bumping up that efficiency.


1. Organize your space

A clean and tidy workspace.
A tidy workspace reduced stress and enhances productivity

This is the first step to being more productive. A poorly sorted work area not only leads to decreased productivity - meaning you're losing time sifting through the piles upon piles of stuff - but it also leads to high levels of stress.

Now, I'm not asking you to pick up every item off your desk and ask if it brings you joy or not, but I am saying that a tidy desk will lead to less fumbling around and more of doing what you love - your business.

My biggest tip in this area is to take time at the end of each day to clean up your mess:

  • Pens and pencils go in a cup or jar

  • Papers get filed into their respective folders

  • Mugs get emptied and washed (don't say "gross," I know you've done it)

The point is to leave your desk neat and ready to go in the morning. You'll feel less stressed in the morning, allowing you to zoom through those tasks.

2. Productivity tools

Another good tip that I use is having a cheat sheet of some sort. If I didn't get a project done and need to finish it the next day, I jot down all the little tasks I need to do in order to finish it, that way I can easily remind myself of what I was doing and what I need to finish.

There are a TON of productivity apps and tools out there, but I'm going to share my two favorites with you, today. These are the tools that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep myself on track and to help me reach my goals.

  • The Momentum Dashboard - this is the coolest personal dashboard out there! It has a Google Chrome plug-in, too. Every time I go online, my dashboard pops up, showing me an inspirational image, a quote, my mantra for the day, and all the to do lists I've compiled. It's especially satisfying when I can check off one of my actions!

A picture of the chrome extension momentum dashboard
The Momentum Dashboard is my favorite way of keeping all my to-dos in one place
  • Passion Planner - I am a planner freak! I've tried so many and loved so many, but this one just works for me at this time in my life. It's great for those that need their days broken down hour-by-hour and it's also extremely helpful for setting intentions and goals.

3. Stay hydrated

A desk with a fresh glass of water on it to remind business owners to stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is an important factor in being productive

Did you know that a lack of hydration can lead to drops in productivity? Yup, a 1% decrease can lead to a 12% slack in productivity. This infographic depicts the benefits of keeping hydrated.

You also might want to think about investing in this cool water bottle - it lights up, tracking your water intake and reminding you when to take a sip!

4. Don't ignore the munchies

Does anyone else seem to get hungry right before diving into a big project that they're loathing? Well, studies say don't ignore that hunger, but it's important to put the right foods in our bellies.

an assortment of steeped teas in mugs
Tea is excellent for many reasons!

Nuts (think almonds), green tea (this one is yummy), bananas, and dark chocolate are all awesome choices. I personally like these Fig Bars from Nature's Bakery, as a mid-morning snack!

If you need a good old fashion analogy. Think about the amount of food you buy when at the grocery store when you're hungry versus when you just ate something. While that one's reasoning is obvious, the same applies to business and projects! Image how much waste there is in a hunger fueled project... just eat a snack!

5. Rethink your surroundings

A business owner working in a local coffee shop
Noise canceling headphones are important to a distraction free work zone

Now, this one will vary from person-to-person. Some people work best in crowded areas, while others need absolute silence.

However, if you find that you need some sort of noise, I highly recommend using something like Noisli or Spotify's focus playlists. Some noise canceling headphones can also be a worthy investment if you're in a truly obnoxious work setting.


Well, there you have it - my top five tips for boosting productivity! Have you tried any of these or have any tips of your own? I'd love to hear them, so send a message and your tip just might be featured on our social media feed.

Also, if you're finding it hard to press through getting things done, a skilled business coach like Out of the Box Advisors can help. Schedule your free consultation, today!

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