9 Signs That You Need a Business Coach

Entrepreneurship is most often a bumpy and sometimes overwhelming road. It takes time, patience and mountains of learning to grow a small business. However, like choosing a 4x4 for an off-road path, that same road could be smoother and brighter if you have the right resources to leverage.

business owner driving in their offroad truck

To keep with that metaphor, you can still traverse much off-road in your Camry, but a 4Runner’s 4WD enhances your abilities. By adding a business coach to your team, you’re essentially upgrading your business to acquire that 4WD capability. They bring the experience and tools essential for speeding up a small business's growth.

Let’s face it, you may never have ALL the critical components figured out as a lone wolf. Chances are infinitely high that you’ve already sought out advise or aid along your journey. Those are likely the same moments in time that you came to ask yourself "should I hire a business coach?"

Those moments are not few and it may be hard to determine at which point would the answer to that question be “YES!” Choosing which moment to hire that asset can be a bit confusing. However, it is beneficial to remember that the sooner you get the help to take your business off the ground, the better. Why wait right?

Luckily, we have a few questions to help you decide. If you can relate to any single one of these 9 signs that you need a business coach, then it might be time for you to pull the trigger.

1. You Have a Hard Time Delegating

Every startup CEO wears a plethora of hats early on while growing their business. But you may find yourself being caught in a rut where the habit seems unbreakable. While being the jack of all trades has the clear cost benefits, it's also one of the primary items holding you back from success. For every moment you’re spending on a lower tiered task, that’s a moment that you’re not actively growing your business at a higher level.

business leaders celebrating reaching the summit

It is absolutely imperative that you discover the role of “Leader.” You are the lifeblood of the business and every task you take should