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To Breathe or Not to Breathe: How to be a Cool Cucumber at Work

Updated: 2 days ago

So, obviously, not breathing isn’t an option. It’s kind of important. But there are certain types of breathing that are better than others and can actually take those overworked, overstressed, want-to-punch-something moments and make them disappear.

Neon sign with the word breathe on a background of wines on a lattice

I know, less stress as a small business owner sounds amazing. Especially when you’ve sat at your desk and staring at a list of to-dos that are multiplying faster than Gremlins snacking after midnight. So, sit back and let’s walk through some of the easiest and most office-adaptable ways to fill up those lungs and let out the anxiety.


Before we dive in: the biggest thing to remember during all of these breathing tips is to focus on the actual breathing. It’s pretty much the key to clearing that stress-fog that likes to seep in and magnify every task at hand.

A still functional castle pictured on a sunrise with some early morning fog surrounding it
Is this your mind palace?

But when you give yourself a moment to truly focus on something else, i.e. your breathing, your mind begins to become impenetrable. That way you can actually create a little Mind Sanctuary in your head.

Fill that sanctuary with whatever you want… birds signing on a beautiful morning, colorful flowers blown by a light breeze, ice cold beer at a ball game, waves lapping the sand at the beach... you get the point.

Your inner sanctuary is a place where you can focus on and escape to. And it all starts with taking a moment for yourself and breathing.

Okay, let’s do this!

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