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Ohm Your Day: How Meditation Helps Small Business Owners

Updated: 2 days ago

As we progress through the day, the weight of work, life, family and goals tends to bear down on us like an ACME anvil. It starts to feel like we’ve got a 900 pound gorilla strapped to our backs as we trudge through the day, without the fun of actually having a 900 pound gorilla in the office. Can you imagine the hijinks?!

A garden gnome in a meditation pose in a field of lavender
When the world piles on, tune out.

ANYway, it wears you down and it starts to preoccupy your mind. Your neck begins to feel like it’s made of steel I beams, your shoulders feel like solid granite, and your face is starting to twist into a very tense Stephen King-inspired grimace.

So unless that’s the look you’re going for, (let's hope not! -Ryan) lets take a look at an easy, super quiet way to get you back to yourself, without the need for a Snickers bar. Or in addition to a Snickers bar... I mean, c'mon... it's a Snickers bar.


Viva la Meditation!

Meditation has been used for centuries by every culture in some form or another and its uses are also just as varied. It can help everything from stress and anxiety to chronic physical illness.

a woman with a book an computer in a coffee shop staring out the window taking a break.
Taking a Moment to Relax

Business owners have recently found great benefits to its ability to help their employees focus and a wave of some schools are even utilizing it in lieu of punishment. I could have used more meditation and less detention in school. Am-I-right?

But how do I meditate? How can I implement this with my team? Are they gonna give me sideways looks? Do I need to start investing in incense and magic teas? Nope... unless you want to. Remember, we're here to help your business, and sometimes doing things a bit outside the box offers new perspectives.


5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ...1 ... ZEN

How to do basic meditation to help your small business:

  1. Sit or lie down o