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Pet Project: How Furry Friends Fend Off Stress

Updated: 2 days ago

You know the feeling you get when you’ve had an absolute trash of a day? Spilled your coffee onto your freshly finished financial report… forgot to call a client back and may have missed a huge opportunity... had it out with your partner about a big decision and now your stomach feels like it’s eating itself with piranha teeth? One of those days that kinda thrashes you around by your collar and just plops you down in a heap of unwashed gym clothes?

Yep. Those days. Want to know what can instantly fix those days? Faster, and WAY more satisfying, than a jaunt through the drive-thru or quick drink(s) at the bar?

A dog with a bandana with its tongue hanging out walking down a leaf covered path during the fall
Who's a good boy?

A relaxing petting session with your pet. Yep. Your pet. That tried and true furry companion who’s seen you at your worst, and doesn’t judge. (Well, dogs don’t judge, cats kind of always judge. But in a loving way. Like your Mom.)

"My cats are always judging me." -Ryan, Owner

a cat cuddled up and sleeping next to his best friend dog
Best friends!

Science has shown that just petting an animal for a few minutes lowers your blood pressure by multiple points. It lowers your cortisol levels and ramps up serotonin production to create a truly relaxing moment. Here's an article from People to read up on one of these studies:

Study Finds You Can 'Pet Your Stress Away' By Cuddling Cats and Dogs

Here is the actual study if you want to get technical with it:

WSU Study