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Beware of the Barrenness: How to Live Happy as a Small Business Owner

Updated: Feb 28

How many of us go through life garnered by routine and endless to-do lists? Everyone knows being a business owner typically means living your life centered around your business’s needs, and not necessarily your own.

The view of adventure in a forrest from the inside of a camping tent.

It means being consistently packed down with things to get done, errands to run, and meetings to attend. And while I used to LOVE (and even think I excelled at} times with a heavy load or chock-full schedule, it can definitely wear you down over time, ultimately leading to unhappiness in your career, your home, and your life.

"Beware of the barrenness of a busy life." - Socrates

So, what can we do to lessen the fullness of our workloads and get back the fullness of our lives? Let's take a look at things you can start doing to live with more joy as a small business owner!

1. Live More Simply

Work smarter, not harder. We've all heard that saying, but how many of us have put it into practice? There are so many books revolving around this topic, but the one I hear most about is Tim Ferriss' "The 4-Hour Work Week."

While our philosophies differ slightly from Ferriss', the idea of streamline you life is still our goal. Take a gander at our website or social media, a common theme we push for our clients is to take a moment for you.

In terms of simplifying your life, make sure that the things you're investing time and energy in are producing a positive impact on not just the business, but yourself.

Sure, you need to input payroll and other menial things, but take time to find ways to improve. As a basic example, perhaps you hire a payroll company to take over the task entirely. Freeing up your valuable time for more productive items such as growing your business.

Another way to simplify your life and your daily schedule is to simply get rid of things that don’t really matter. I’m talking full-on Marie Kondo your life, "does it bring you joy?" No, well stop doing it or find another way.