Move It, Move It! How Movement Can Help You Beat Stress!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Feeling stressed? A little over-worked? All work and no play? MOVE! There isn't a faster, legal way to get those good brain chemicals (endorphins) up than actual movement. And no, before you think it, we’re not telling you take up running. Running can be great, but you know what else is great? Walking. Hiking. Skipping. Dancing. Arm wrestling. Hacky sack? Doesn’t anyone play hacky sack anymore?! You get our point. Anything that gets the blood moving. Especially when you’re stuck in the office.


Here are a few simple steps to keep those endorphins flowing and brain working.

Active office setting where people are moving to stay healthy
Use the stairs or take a bike!

Shake That Money-Maker

Set an alarm on your phone. Maybe every two hours or hour or so get up and walk your memo to another office in lieu of email? Notice some memos piling up? Deliver ‘em. Same thing with mail. Walk it about the office.

A simple example would be to use the Apple Health app thats built into your iPhone / Watch. Using the built in settings you can tell it to remind you to move at intervals that work best for you and your office. Using apps to track and remind you of activity is a proven way to ensure you actually do it, plus it'll help your happiness, but also your business and your team's efficiency

Rise & Shine

If you’re one of those morning folks that wakes up like Cinderella ready to tackle the day, get up a little earlier and go for a brisk walk. Show up the neighbors as they groggily stumble to their cars. It’s good for the soul.

If you're looking for a way to get awake in a more subtle and relaxing way, as opposed to that "BLARP BLARP BLARP!," you can try out something like the Hatch Restore gentle alarm clock. This clock not only has a programable sleep cycle and dimming light, but it also has a slowly increasing light to gently wake you like the sun would!

Afternoon Delight

Not a morning peep? We feel you. Get a little action in at lunch (we meant a WALK, get your mind out of the gutter!) or after work. Make it something you stick to, though. Keeping it part of your schedule will keep it going.

Meal prepping for a work lunch is always great for your health and your productivity, but if that isn't your thing try an alternative. You can plan your weekly lunches at several places around the office that are within walking distance. Then on each day, you sneak your walk in by going to each place!


Our bodies are not meant to just sit and look at screens all day. It’s just not healthy for our bodies or our minds. So if you’re looking to add a healthier lifestyle to your office think, outside the box then give us a call. We can help you implement some easy and fun ways to keep the office morale up and working. Help is a phone call or email away!

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