Don't Be That Boss. 'Mmmkay?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We’ve all lived it. Like an iconic scene from Office Space. The boss that just kind of floats around, pointing here, dictating there, sucking any mojo right out of the air. It’s awful. It makes work dreadful and frankly, makes for a really hostile work environment. Don’t be that boss. Don’t do it. Ever.

True leaders stick with their team, not above them

Easier said than done, right? This business is your baby! Are you just gonna let any fool off the street come in and play with your toddler?? No. But, a little perspective if we may? These aren’t random fools. I’m assuming you hired these people for a reason, right? They’re good at what they do. They know how to do it. Yeah? So let them. Your baby is in good hands. The best hands. Because you built this team.

So, let’s look at the main reasons why micromanaging needs to stop, and why trusting your team, the team YOU built, needs to ramp up, shall we?

A bad boss is just as scary!

Don't Be a Killer

As we said, YOU built this team. You interviewed and reference-checked and perused. You did the due diligence, right? RIGHT? So, have faith in that. Don’t undermine someone’s expertise that you put there for THAT very expertise. It’s a total killer of office camaraderie.

And if you’re not feeling too strongly about your team-building skills, schedule a chat now!

It’s what we do and do it well.

Make Friends Not Foes

A true leader knows when to roll up the sleeves

and pitch in and when to let the team work harmoniously. There are times when your team will come to you with questions for guidance. There are times when, oops, you need all hands on deck to weather the storm. Get in there!

Show them you’re in the muck with them. That’s the difference between leaders and bosses. Be a leader, not a boss. When the office is humming along and everyone knows their place and responsibility, it’s a wonderful thing. And it leads to more and more success. For the business and for everyone’s personal goals.

Boss watching your every move?

Don't Hover

Remember when you were in kindergarten and some butthole kid just had to come up and inform you that either A. you were coloring wrong or B. penguins weren’t blue? No? Ooh, maybe you were that kid? Yikes. ANYway, fun, right? No. Nobody likes that. Literally no one. So don’t be that boss. Let your team flourish with their ideas. Maybe penguins aren’t blue, but maybe they could be? Trying new things leads to progress and allows for new ideas to grow. It also stimulates growth and teamwork. So let it happen.

The Ruiner

The fastest and easiest way to take a stellar cast of characters and throw it in the garbage? Micromanaging out the yang. It ALWAYS lowers team morale. It incites bickering and finger pointing which then also leads to less accountability and functional team members. People quit over this stuff and it fosters ZERO progress. Which means not only will your company be a revolving door, but your business will suffer.

"Don't do it!" -Common Sense

Allocate responsibility and let them be responsible. You don’t have to have your paws in every project. You do you and let them do them.


Pretty simple concepts, eh? But they’re harder than they look.

Take steps to foster a real team environment and really value the input you get from your team. If they’re saying they’ve got it, let them have it. It’ll do wonders for your free time AND profitability.

Nix the boring board meetings and opt instead for laid-back chats. Give incentives and let them lead on projects. Think outside the typical box and allow truly organic growth.

If we sound like a broken record here it’s because this is such an integral part of business, that most people tend overlook. Want some help making these key shifts? Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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