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Business Owner's Handbook: Don't Be "That" Boss?

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

We’ve all lived it. Like an iconic scene from Office Space. The boss that just kind of floats around, pointing here, dictating there, sucking any mojo right out of the air. It’s awful. It makes work dreadful and frankly, makes for a really hostile work environment.

Don’t be that boss. Just don’t. Ever.

A group of people following far behind their leader. Pink sky and they are all silhouetted
True leaders stick with their team, not "above" them.

Easier said than done, right? This business is your baby! Are you just gonna let any fool off the street come in and play with your toddler? No.

But, a little perspective if we may? These aren’t random fools. I’m assuming you hired these people for a reason, right? They’re good at what they do. They know how to do it. Yeah? So let them. Your baby is in good hands. The best hands. Because you built this team.

So, let’s look at the main reasons why micromanaging needs to stop, and why trusting your team, the one YOU built, needs to ramp up, shall we?

A statue of an alien creature in a theme park
A bad boss is just as scary!

Don't Be a Killer

As we said, YOU built this team. You interviewed and reference-checked and perused. You did the due diligence, right? RIGHT?

So, have faith in that. Don’t undermine someone’s expertise that you put there for THAT very expertise. It’s a total killer of office camaraderie.

Team cohesion and trust from others is a powerful tool for success, especially in small business. Don't go on the hunt and pounce on something thats helping your business!

And if you’re not feeling too strongly about your team-building skills, sounds like the perfect time to bring on a coach to learn those skills! It’s what we do and do it well.

But even if having a coach help train you isn't your style, if you're having doubts about yourself, your team, or your business then you need to take action. Doing nothing for your business is just as much of a killer as doubt!

Make Friends Not Foes

a neon sign at night that consists of two hands shaking
Build Relationships, not Dictatorships.

A true leader knows when to roll up the sleeves and pitch in and when to let the team work harmoniously. There are times when your team will come to you with questions for guidance. There are times when, oops, you need all hands on deck to weather the storm. Get in there!

Show them you’re in the muck with them. That’s the difference between leaders and bosses. Be a leader, not a boss.

Spend time working within every level and role of your business. It will show your team you're in it with them, but also this is the perfect time to either show them how to improve their work or, even better, they can provide you critical feedback that you might not otherwise hear. Either way, you'll enhance your process and team for the better by integrating yourself instead of hanging out in your high tower.

When the office is humming along and everyone knows their place and responsibility, it’s a wonderful thing. And it leads to more and more success. For the business and for everyone’s personal goals.

a personal drone hovering over a country road
Boss watching your every move?

Don't Hover Like a Drone

Remember when you were in kindergarten and some jerk kid just had to come up and inform you that either coloring wrong or penguins weren’t blue? No? Ooh... maybe YOU were that kid? Yikes, sorry!

Or, how about this: everyone knows those parents out there that are constantly monitoring their child's life down to every detail. The term that might ring a bell is 'Helicopter Parents'.

Both of those behaviors can be easily translated into the workplace. In fact, it is highly common for a small business owner to fall into these traps. Just like those helicopter parents, instead of helping your business you end up hurting it by preventing freedom. Also, just like the kids of those parents, your team will rebel or otherwise sabotage your workplace.

Instead, let your team flourish with their ideas. Maybe penguins aren’t blue, but maybe they could be? Trying new things leads to progress and allows for new ideas to grow. It also stimulates growth and teamwork. So let it happen.

The Ruiner - Wielding a Micro-mangement Hammer

A picture with some lemons spoiling with mold growth
This could be a your business

The fastest and easiest way to take a stellar cast of characters and throw it in the garbage? Micromanaging out the yang.

Micromanagement ALWAYS lowers team morale. It incites bickering and finger pointing, which then also leads to less accountability and dysfunctional team members.

People quit over this stuff and it fosters ZERO progress. Which means not only will your company be a revolving door, but your business will suffer.

"Don't do it!" -Common Sense

Allocate responsibility and let them be responsible. You don’t have to have your paws in every project. You do you and let them do them. Your role should be in monitoring the success and quality of their work. When there's a slip-up is the time you can step in with some positive accountability. Just make sure your catch yourself and don't revert to bad habits.

With empowering your team with confidence that they can accomplished their roles without someone nit-picking them you'll realize a significant increase in productivity. Plus, its the right way to lead and treat people properly. Win-win!


Pretty simple concepts, eh? But it's easier said than done.

Take steps to foster a real team environment and really value the input you get from your team. If they’re saying they’ve got it, let them have it. It’ll do wonders for your free time AND profitability.

A computer with a coffee mug sitting on a table with a busy zoom meeting on the computer screen.

Nix the boring "mandatory" zoom meetings and opt instead for laid-back chats. Give incentives and let them lead on projects. Think outside the typical box and allow truly organic growth.

If we sound like a broken record here it’s because this is such an integral part of business, that most people tend overlook.

If you think you might need some help making these key shifts, make sure you reach out! Our executive coaching services really hone in on improving your leadership skills and helping translating that into revenue growth! Schedule your first session today!

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