How to Say No

How many times have you overextended yourself by saying 'yes' to too many things? As a business owner, you're probably used to over-achieving and getting things done. You're most likely the go-to person for all the people you know. You always have an answer, a helping hand, and some time to invest in the things you find most important. However, there comes a point where you'll need to learn how to say the word, 'no.' It can be hard to turn down friends, family, and even employees when they ask for something, even if it's small, but the results can be freeing and allow you to dedicate yourself fully to what you do say 'yes' to!

Here are a few tips for saying that little two letter word:

1. Plan it

Planning on saying 'no' is a lot easier than turning down a friend in the moment. Take the time to reflect on your schedule and how you're feeling each day. If you have a full plate, promise yourself not to take on anymore than you already have.

2. Don't offer an explanation

When you do say 'no,' don't explain yourself. Excuses can lead to potential opportunities for your friends or family to change their requests, so it's more convenient and you can't say 'no.' For example, if you say you are busy at a particular time, they can ask when is best for you.

3. Offer an alternative

Whenever possible, offer an alternative suggestion when you turn someone down. If they ask for your assistance with particular problem and you can't help, but happen to know someone that can, connect the two. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

Ultimately, the top tip for saying 'no,' is to just do it. Once you start saying 'no,' it becomes easier over time!

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