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Being Thankful Isn’t Just Acting the Part

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

So there’s a lot of talk these days from self-help gurus and influencers about being “thankful” and showing gratitude in your life. A lot of the time it’s mentioned in the same breath as mindfulness and living “in” the moment. There’s actually legit reasons for that.

A business owner taking a vacation while practicing mindfulness.
Take a moment to be thankful for the moment. Not what may or may not come.

We live (and work) in a chaotic, very fast-paced world, especially with Covid-19 in the rear view mirror. It’s text messages and Zoom calls and on and on and on. So living in the moment may seem like an oxymoron, but really, it’s not. And you may be missing the boat!

a meme with a blindfolded guy at the peak of a mountain implying he is forgetting to take in the great view
Take the blindfold off for crying out loud!

When your focus is continually on what’s next and what needs done, we tend to overlook the things that are actively happening, or in a workplace setting, things that are already accomplished. And WOW, if you think about it, that blows.

What’s the point of trying hard to achieve something if you don’t take a moment to relish in it when it’s actually achieved?! That’s pretty much the definition of insanity, or close enough for this girl, anyway.

When we don’t take those moments to celebrate, it’s not just ourselves that feels that underlying thud of buzzing stress, our team does as well. What was once a “high-five, fist-bump, chicken dance-moment” gets glossed over for the next big thing. And you can guess what happens then? Burn. Out. Fast.

See, we’re human. We love the thrill of the hunt. The pressure and determination to achieve. BUT we love those things because of the payoff, and it’s not always based on the cash. It’s the feeling of gratitude… kudos… feeling needed and appreciated.

an empty latte mug on a table with a napkin that has thanks written on it

When those things start to evaporate our desire to keep trying starts to wane, as well.

So, the million dollar question is how do we get back to being in the moment and showing thankfulness and gratitude more often?

It’s not an overnight switch. It takes practice and manifestation. But most importantly? You actually have to want to do it. And you should. Because a happy, fulfilled team is a team that’s absolutely killing it!


Here’s a couple of steps to get your mind in the right place to take all that success in, literally and figuratively.

a brunette woman laying in bed with just he fingers and eyes showing from under the sheets.
Don't dread the wake up onslaught.

1. Start Slow

Let the day start a little slower. The minute you wake up your mind floods with the onslaught of what’s coming up.

PAUSE! Take a moment right there. Stop for a second and try to stop those thoughts.

Make sure that you relish in what is positive around you. Perhaps it's the spring air in the morning or how your cat is reliably begging for food. Anything that give you a positive little spark to start off your day.

This’ll get easier over time so don’t get discouraged if it’s like holding up a paper towel to stop a tidal wave. You’ll get there. Start off by just picking one thing you know inspires happiness and then expand on it over time.

OH! This would also be a good time to take a moment to BREATHE!

2. Share the Love

some cans of a drink called thumbs up  sitting on a cooler
What is this drink? lol

Once you’re at work take a moment at your desk and give someone a genuine compliment on something they’ve done well. You’d be surprised how that can kick the day off on the right foot and put the entire team on a different level.

It's important to remember that your team is likely feeling that same potential dread of a lengthly task list. While your problems might be on a different scale, your team also experiences these same stresses.

A little spark of mindfulness and thankfulness can literally change someone's perspective on their day or even life in that moment. You started by finding something beautiful for your day and then be that light for someone you encounter in your day!

A puppy falling asleep after a long day at the office
Drowsy puppies are cute. Not Snoozy humans!

3. Avoid the Fog

As the day progresses, note when your brain starts to hit that foggy “what the hell am I doing” wall. You know the one.

This is where you take a break. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour. (Please don’t make it a dog bark or quack tone, okay? We don’t need complete bedlam ensuing here.)

When that alarm goes off. Turn yourself off for a second. No computer. No phone. No planner. Just sit and breathe. (See our post on breathing tips, as well!) It’s a little reset. And can actually keep you focused to get through your to-do list.

As a business owner, make sure that you design your policies and train your management team to not only allow this, but encourage it!

4. Celebrate the Good Times, C'mon!

a group of friends sitting down and take a moment to enjoy the view
Enjoy the View!

And lastly, celebrate the big things, of course, but also the little things. This is the moment, the one we've were talking about. The one where you need to take off the blindfold and enjoy the view!

Landed a big client? Boom! Finished a big project? Aww yeah! You don’t have to bust out a ticker tape parade or anything but just take a moment to acknowledge it.

Give your team the praise they deserve. Encourage them to celebrate the company's and their own accomplishments. Cultivate your culture to looking out and seeing your success!


Following these steps and just being “in the moment” will help you gain control of the office mojo and have you personally powering through workloads and feeling more and more fulfilled about the work you’re doing. Who doesn’t love that? Wondering where to start? Not sure how to implement these things? No worries. That’s what we’re here for. Reach out for a chat and to see how we can put the ahhhh back in your office.

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