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How to Set Realistic Goals as a Business Owner

Updated: Feb 11

Goals. Everyone has them. Goals are important for moving forward in life; they help turn dreams into reality. Without goals and aspirations, where would we be? Where would we be without the individuals who set their sights higher, to change the world? The answer is, probably not very far.

Business own who decided to climb a cliff face as one of her goals for the year.
“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.” —Michael Korda

Whether your goal is to eat better or change the world with your big ideas, it always helps to have someone supporting you, helping you along the way. You can find support in family, within your group of friends, or if you are a business owner, you can seek guidance from a business advisor. An advisor can help you set and obtain your goals in a realistic way, while getting the most out of business opportunities.


Here are some of the ways a business coach, like Out of the Box Advisors, can help with setting realistic goals.

Be specific with your goals

small business own writing down some goals for her business

First things first, what are goals? They are milestones and activities that line the pathway to your dream, your vision. Visions can be generic, but it’s the specificity of the goals that get you to the end of the road. The more specific and well-defined your goals are, the better your chances are at attaining your dream.

A business advisor can help you define your vision. They will likely ask you questions about where you see yourself and your business in the future. Your vision may be to give back to the community, to make money and retire, or to leave a legacy to your children. Whatever it may be, an advisor will be there to help you realize the steps you need to take, the goals you should set, in order to get there.

Measurable goals are good goals

While sometimes it can be very obvious whether or not you are meeting your goals, other times it may be more difficult. Being able to measure, whether it be sales goals or customer satisfaction surveys, it's an important way of tracking your progress.

Consultants thrive on measuring and tracking success, otherwise, how would they know if they’re helping a business grow? They can help in setting up systems to make it easier for you to measure your goals. The more measurable your goals, the more information you gather, and the better you will be able to correct or adjust to take full advantage of opportunities for your business’s growth.

Ensure your goals are achievable