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Business Owner's Handbook: How to Re-Frame Your Perspective

Updated: 2 days ago

We’ve all channeled our inner Charlie Browns at some point. Sitting around worrying about how 'Everything that can go wrong, inevitably does.' Stress and disappointment are par for the course for the average small business owner. So when you or someone on your team makes a mistake it can be a real bummer.

One reliable secret to successful business owners and the ones who seem to fade away into obscurity? Perspective. They know that a setback isn’t the end. It’s merely a blip.

landscape view of some mountains with a storm passing over forming a rainbow
Even storms make rainbows

Life is hard.


And the harder it is, the sweeter the outcomes. So cut yourself some slack. Mistakes are going to happen, problems are going to pop up, life is gonna toss some stuff your way that makes you question everything. It happens. But it’s also a part of growth and progress.

Think of the first person to bite into an orange… they probably thought, “hmm, look at this orange apple!” BITE. Totally mistaking the rind for a regular peel. Yikes. Not what they imagined, right? Bitter. Hard. Way too sinewy to be right. Big mistake. BUT, oooh… look at the inside! Juicy. Sweet. Refreshing. So they learned to peel it!

Growth & Progress. All from a mistake.

“I think it’s important to have a good hard failure when you’re young… Because it makes you kind of aware of what can happen to you. Because of it I’ve never had any fear in my whole life when we’ve been near collapse and all of that. I’ve never been afraid.” -Walt Disney

Here are some short tips on how to reframe your perspective whenever there is a mistake or other shortfall within your business. Refer back to these whenever needed to improve your ability to succeed!

Be Fearless:

Make sure that when things don't go the way you expect that you don't let it call future decisions into question. Maintain your confidence, be fearless, and keep moving your business forward!