Enjoy Nature's Office, Go OUTside!

Now before you think we’re going all hippy dippy on you, first of all, ...we are. And second of all, numerous studies have shown that being outside, in any capacity boosts the brain and body in ways we may not even fathom yet. So it’s only natural, see what we did there, that being outside would benefit the office side of life, too.


There’s a couple of obvious ways to implement this in your own office, particularly if the bulk of the work being done by your team is on a laptop or tablet. Hello, mobility!

Same goes for meetings. Move those outside, too. You’d be surprised what kind of renewed energy can be harnessed just by being outside.

Before you start envisioning tree houses and bio-dome offices, we’d like to offer a few simple and easily executable tactics you can do to make the outdoors a tangible options for your office.

Outdoor Office Oasis

Wifi up the courtyard. Don’t have a courtyard? What about the strip of lawn that’s only used for mowing? Pop a few benches or camp chairs out there and call it an Outdoor Office Oasis.

Seriously though, all you need is a small patch of land to call the 'office' for the day. Imagine something akin to tailgating, but you're at work! You could even set up some corn hole or other team building type games for employees to play in between work.

Take a Hike, Mike!

A business coach leading a group of clients on a hiking meeting.
Why can't a meeting look like this?

We mentioned meetings, but what about really taking it to the next level? If your company is small enough, a hiking meeting would be amazing. Take that boring Friday meeting and make it something useful. Nearly every city has some form of park or outdoor area within 15 minutes so get out and use it. The energy and creativity you can stir up outside AND moving around? Priceless. Plus your team will love you for it.

A group of employees playing games on their break.
This could be your break area!

Breaking Good

Offer some mandatory or allotted outside breaks throughout the day. Let your employees get out and walk around, work-free! Put a Frisbee or Corn-hole set out in the side yard. Foster a true break from the office that won’t get anyone penalized and will have positive effects on your team. Plus its hard to argue against team building!

Let It In

Bring the outdoors in. Live plants bring a sense of peace and calm, we all know that. What about converting that un-used “storage room” into an indoor garden? Wall-to-wall plants and potted trees, low-lighting and even a wall-mounted fountain could transform a wasted space into the place to be when the office walls come closing in. Best part? Rain, snow, sleet or hail, you’ll always have an escape.

Or maybe you can even go all-in with an office garden? This actually happens to be a fast growing trend for many office based businesses.


The link between our brains and nature is evident in nearly every facet of how we work and by harnessing that energy and using it, not as a stand alone idea but together with work. Fostering a sense of mindfulness and “nature breaks” will help keep you and your team focused, creative and thinking outside the box. Don’t believe us? Let us show you.

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