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Getting Back Into the Groove: Post-Quarantine (2023 Update)

Updated: Mar 16

Like most of us in any form of business really, quarantine threw its share of WTFs and SMHs at us while we learned to make our business work remotely. Some of us didn’t see much difference since our businesses are based from our home offices anyway, but others had to totally shift their mindset.

And, frankly, it's been long enough for that mindset to stick. What’s it they say, it takes 30 days to make a habit? Well, quarantine looked at that timeframe and said, “hold my beer.”

Man emerging after being in a cave for a long time

So, what are we supposed to do now?

You got this written with chalk on some asphalt
We all questioned it, but we had it all along!

Like a dog whose feeding time has been moved, things are getting interesting (I don't know, something my dad used to say anyway). We’re sorta “back to the office” but not in our full capacity and that in itself is adding to the stress.

Repeat after me: one day at a time.

Two things the pandemic taught us: A. People need to wash their damn hands. Like, a lot more often than they previously had done. And B. Humans adapt. It’s pretty much in everything we do, right?

If something’s not working, we pivot. A new perspective, new insight. Boom. We see the path forward. So let’s set the path forward in cushy, pillowy-pavement, shall we?

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day