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Getting Back Into the Groove: Post-Quarantine (2023 Update)

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Like most of us in any form of business really, quarantine threw its share of WTFs and SMHs at us while we learned to make our business work remotely. Some of us didn’t see much difference since our businesses are based from our home offices anyway, but others had to totally shift their mindset.

And, frankly, it's been long enough for that mindset to stick. What’s it they say, it takes 30 days to make a habit? Well, quarantine looked at that timeframe and said, “hold my beer.”

Man emerging after being in a cave for a long time

So, what are we supposed to do now?

You got this written with chalk on some asphalt
We all questioned it, but we had it all along!

Like a dog whose feeding time has been moved, things are getting interesting (I don't know, something my dad used to say anyway). We’re sorta “back to the office” but not in our full capacity and that in itself is adding to the stress.

Repeat after me: one day at a time.

Two things the pandemic taught us: A. People need to wash their damn hands. Like, a lot more often than they previously had done. And B. Humans adapt. It’s pretty much in everything we do, right?

If something’s not working, we pivot. A new perspective, new insight. Boom. We see the path forward. So let’s set the path forward in cushy, pillowy-pavement, shall we?

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

picture of a portion of the colosseum in Rome
Still need to go here!

You’re going to have missteps. You’re moving from Zoom calls in your kitchen back to in person board meetings.

Just go easy on yourself. Give yourself time to find your mojo. Set your alarm a few minutes early to give yourself a little cushion for that jet lag you may feel. May we suggest an extra-large travel mug of coffee? Not a necessity but, yeah, it sort of will be. At least for the first few days.

You use an entirely different set of brain cells when interacting with people. Your brain and body are going to be a little overrun. Caffeine. Chocolate. Whatever gives you that edge to get over the hump. And know that over time it will feel "right" again!

Routinely New

A orange tabby cat dozing on the sheets of a bed
Cute Kitty

As you learn you have to work more in office again try and get into the routine a few days to a week or so beforehand. Get up when you normally would for an in-office workday. Even if you just sit on the couch and stare blankly for an hour. Go to bed when you typically would as well.

Start to reset your internal clock so it doesn’t hit you in the face on the big day back. Nothing stomps out greatness faster than being groggy and foggy. Start now!

Rally the Troops

In the event that you’re the head honcho of the office, you’re going to have work a little extra hard to show your employees that you understand the transition and especially that you’re excited to have them back.

A large rowboat with about 10 people aboard that is trying to go over some waves.
Reinforce the team.

This is a strange and unique trip we’re all embarking on, so ease some of that tension by making light of the situation. Maybe offer a pajama day at the office. A business consultant can help you wade through these waters with ease by providing insight into the mentality of your team. You want everyone on the same page and you’re absolutely going to have some trepidation.

Bone Up

a close up of some bath time toys in bubbly water
The Good 'ol Days

It’s not like you’ve been completely out of the loop, but lets face it, remote working is a completely different ballgame from being in-house.

More calls. People popping out of the plastic plants to ask random, work related questions. Dealing with the creepy co-worker at the water cooler. You gotta be on your toes!

So take a day or so to reacquaint yourself with all the newest blippity blop of your work. News, trends, all that good stuff that can make you sparkle when the boss or partner asks “So, what’s new in plastic rubber ducky supply chain?” (Assuming you work in the booming market of plastic rubber duckies, of course!)

The Night Before

kid walking to the bus stop with his yellow rain jacket and backpack on
So Cute!

Remember the day before the first day of school? Notebooks and pencils and outfits, blah blah blah. The terror of showing up naked? (We've all had that dream!) We suggest setting your pre-work day up nice and easy.

Get all of the necessities out of the way early so any changes that need to be made don’t hit you at 11 PM the night before. Try and set up as much as you can beforehand. Breakfast. Lunch. Morning routine. They’re all going to feel like stepping through the airport in Egypt.

Make it easy on yourself and get it out of the way so you can literally grab and go. Your mind is most likely going to be going 178 mph. So get to bed early. Read something. Watch some Netflix. Just RELAX. Avoid your phone, as it will stimulate you even more and make it impossible to sleep.


We still haven't fully got back to normal after all the lockdowns and insanity. But, we are clearly moving in the right direction at least in terms of being able to go places freely etc. However, always keep in mind that if your business worked well remotely, you don't have to force your team back in the office.

You feeling good? Ready to run back to work and rock it? Not really? Our business coaches can help. Schedule a consultation and see how truly easy the whole “work-life-balance” thing can be. Or if you have questions, schedule your free consultation below!

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